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Together for Sweden


‘Fryshuset’ is a nationwide organisation who aim their focus to all young people, especially those living in isolation. All the different projects in‘Fryshuset’ range from school to culture and entertainment on to projects that address today’s toughest social challenges. The nearly 50 projects and activities are divided into Education / Employment, Social perspective, passionate interests and Schools. The main focus is on young people and their chances to grow and develop, regardless of ethnic, religious or social background.

“Together for Sweden” is one of the many projects at ‘Fryshuset’- with a focus on inter-religious guidance and training for young people aimed at combating xenophobia, racism and extremism. The project is based on human rights and wants to show how religion can be a path to integration and vigor for young adults in the work for peace and understanding.


Overall objectives:

  • create a common platform where young people from different backgrounds can come together
  • remove misconceptions and prejudices between people in society
  • achieve a deeper understanding of the other person
  • create collaborations around issues such as diversity, democracy and coexistence
  • create depth knowledge, debate and gradation about religions
  • increase the understanding of gender issues in religions
  • prevent conflicts that may occur when different religions and social groups come together
  • provide support and guidance to young people who want to deepen their faith and use it as a tool for promoting peace and understanding
  • counter islamophobia, afro-phobia, anti-semitism and extremism
  • assist young people at risk of exclusion