General interest

As the work progressed, the interest for the project has grown. The fact that a priest and an imam are working in partnership is seen as innovative and has caused many positive reactions and expectations, not only from ‘Fryshuset’ but from various religious associations and the community at large.

How the project has been promoted?

Even before it started the project caused a stir and was debated in the media and several interviews have been performed during the process. Today “Together for Sweden” serve as one of many social projects run by ‘Fryshuset’ in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

The academic community has also shown an interest and over the years they have observed and followed the project. Gothenburg University and Södertörn College have written articles about the project and have passed on information to their students.



Project organisation

The three-year national project “Togather for Sweden” is led by two coequal project-leaders, imam Othman Al Tawalbeh and priest Maria Kjellsdotter Rydinger.

The appointments are mobile, meaning networks and partnerships are created across different religious and organisational boundaries, both inside and outside ‘Fryshuset’. The project-leaders’ previous experience and networks are used for the benefit of the project.

A management-team has been made up by representatives from the Church of Sweden/Parish of Sofia, the Islamic Society and ‘Fryshuset’.