Target group

The target group, estimated numbers and distribution of sexes.


Description of target group
The central target group is young people from 16 and upwards. Each month ‘Fryshuset’ comes into contact with over 10000 young people via its different activities.

The project will participate by cooperating in: 
Management courses, youth camps and initiating its own discussion groups made up of youths from different religious backgrounds. By making use of all our contacts we aim to reach both girls and boys.
The project will also provide courses for those responsible for different youth activities, schools, courses at ‘Fryshuset’ and in the rest of the community.

Another target group is representatives from different religions and youth leaders from different associations and organisations. By means of regular network meetings the project will cooperate and offer invitations to ‘Fryshuset’ to debate the issues of youth, diversity and democracy. The project also participates in different courses held by religious associations and organisations.

How do we impact the target group? 
By educating, creating meeting places and continuity for young people and those responsible for youth activities.